Prom Hair Accessories: 5 Styling Ideas

These are our top 5 ways to sparkle all night at Prom!

Prom is such a special night for so many girls and we know how hard it can be to decide on what to do with your Hair! We want you to feel like a Queen on your prom night so we have come up with our top 5 accessories and how you can wear them at your prom! 


1) Sleek Hair with a Statement Jewelled Headband

If you want to keep your hair straight and sleek then this is the perfect way to make a statement at Prom with some added sparkle!

Jewelled Headbands and Padded Headbands are the easiest way to elevate your Prom look in one simple step - All you have to do is pop it on! 

It requires no effort at all and you will feel like you have got your Crown on! We have used our Pink Jewelled Padded Headband which is the amazing for adding sparkle and also a pop of colour!


2) Half Up Half Down with Crystal Hair Comb

Half Up Half Down hairstyles are so easy to create but can look so glamorous when adding the right hair accessory! A Hair Comb is the perfect way to add some sparkle to your hairstyle to make it feel even more special. 

To create this hairstyle start by grabbing 2 sections from the front of your hair and pull them towards the back - Keeping it nice and sleek. Then you want to secure these in place at the back using the comb!

To make this even more special and also helps hide any of the comb you may bee take 2 more sections from each side and wrap them under the crystals to create a seamless look and make sure everything is hidden! 

We've used our Vintage Crystal Hair Comb for this look and it will make you feel so fabulous!

3) Low Pony with Volume and Pearl Headband 

Pearl Headbands add so much glamour to your look as they are so classic! The shine they give you cannot be beaten! 

Why not style your Pearl Headband with a Low ponytail for some added interest to your look! This is so easy to create but will elevate your Prom Look instantly! 

simply gather your hair into a low ponytail at the tape of your neck - Before you secure with a hair elastic, pull at the hair on the top of your head slightly to create some volume.

If you want a really voluminous look you can backcomb the top of your hair before! 

secure your ponytail using a hair elastic - then grab a small section of hair and wrap it around it and tuck it back into the elastic, This gives the most seamless look to your ponytail! 

All you then have to do is pop on your Pearl Headband and you're ready to go! We've used our Pearl woven headband for this look.

4)Pearl Slides on One Side

Hair Slides are a Classic Hair Accessory that always look amazing and they are so easy to style! All you have to do is simply slide them in and you instantly feel fabulous!

Layering up your Hair Slides is the perfect way to bring so much sparkle to your look! You can Style them on one side for a Asymmertric look like we have and it just looks fabulous! 

Simply add a slight curl to your hair for some added texture and then Add your Hair Slides above the Ear going from smallest to largest! This is such an easy way to elevate your hair for prom while still keeping it super easy! 

We have used our amazing Pearl Clips in Gold with Diamantes for this look for the perfect touch of Pearly Glamour

5) Crystal Headband with a Half Up Half Down

Headbands are the easiest way to add sparkle to your look as all you have to do is pop them on! But did you know Half Up Half Down Hair can be created so easily with your Jewelled Headband for such a glamorous look!

Simply pop on your Jewelled Headband and grab 2 sections of hair from the front - You then want to pull them around to the back of your head, Around your Headband!

Then secure them in the back with a clear elastic for a seamless look and you're ready to go! We have used our Pink Crystal Headband for this hairstyle and paired with this hairstyle really makes it look so special and you will be the Queen at your prom with all the sparkles it brings!

we hope you love our Top 5 Prom Hair Accessories and Our fabulous way to style them!

Whichever one you choose; have fun styling, and We hope they make you feel like a Queen on your Prom Night!

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We absolutely adore seeing your photos :)

With love, Maddie & Amanda XXX

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