Half Up Half Down Hair

Half Up Half Down Hair is a Style Classic

Half Up Half Down Hair is a classic, go-to hairstyle for a reason. It's easy to achieve, practical, and very pretty. Keeping your hair from your face, and allowing you to add sparkle with one of your favourite Hair Claws, Hair Bows and even Chain Headbands!

Crystal Hair Claw Half Up Half Down

Hair Claws are the perfect easy way to create your half up half down hairstyles in only a few minutes! They add so much sparkle to your look and we have so many different styles and colours to choose from!

We have used our Pink Crystal Hair Claw for the perfect touch of girly glamour - you could even add a curl to your hair like we have to dress it up for any evening event you may have - You'll still have time for a glass of bubbly with this hairstyle.

All you have to do is gather half your hair into a ponytail and then wrap your hair around like we have to create that french twist shape - then secure with your claw and you are ready to sparkle all night long! 

Floral Claw Clip Half Up Half Down

Another fabulous hair claw that is amazing at adding so much sparkle to your half up half down hair is our Floral Hair Accessory! 

We have used our Pink Floral Claw for this hairstyle and it looks so fab! All you have to do to create this wonderful look is take 2 front sections of your hair and secure them at the back with your Floral Hair Accessory! 

It only takes seconds to do but will leave you feeling like a Queen! 

Twisted Half Up Half Down with Jewelled Hair Bow

Hair Bows are just stunning to add to your Half Up Half Down Hair and really elevate your look in seconds! We have so many Hair Bows so you are spoilt for Choice! 

For this Half Up Half Down hairstyle We have created a twisted look with the Hair before securing it in the back with our Light Blue Velvet Jewelled Hair Bow! Adding the simple twist to your hair makes it feel extra special as well as the sparkle from the Jewelled Hair Bow!

Half Up Half Down With Statement Satin Bow

A Long statement bow is another amazing way to elevate your Half up Half down hair in one easy step! A statement Bow is perfect at taking your hairstyle from day to night as they always look so glamorous! 

Simply all you have to do is take 2 sections from the front and secure them in the back with your most fabulous Hair Bow! We have used our Pink Satin Long Hair Bow for this look and also added a curl to the hair for some Va-Va Voom!

This is the perfect hairstyle for any weddings or maybe even a girls night out!


Half Up Half Down With a Chain Headband

We know Chain Headbands can sometimes be so hard to style but they can actually be worn with a hairstyle that is such a staple! You can add your favourite chain headbands with your Half up Half down!

Start by Placing your favourite chain headband on as usual - We have used our silver daisy chain for this style! It's the perfect dainty touch of Shimmer! 

Once you have this in place all you have to do is grab 2 sections of your hair and secure them at the back with a hair elastic and you're ready to go! You could even wrap your hair around the elastic to hide the hair bobble you've used! 

This hairstyle will definitely make you feel like a Queen!


Half Up Half Down for Wedding Guest Hair

For Wedding Guest hair, you can try a Vintage Hair Clip. With hair half up half down, the hair clip is beautifully showcased, and your hair style is simple and easy to achieve.

A statement clip like this works well for thick hair. If you have fine hair, it can still work for you too, just use our styling trick - hairspray on the area, before you put the clip in place. (never spray your hair accessory directly as it will damage it).

We have used our red flower hair clip for this style and it looks so fabulous - adding so much sparkle to your hair also!