Half Up Half Down Hair

Half Up Half Down Hair is a Style Classic

Half Up Half Down Hair is a classic, go-to hairstyle for a reason. It's easy to achieve, practical, and very pretty. Keeping your hair from your face, and allowing you to add sparkle with one of your favourite hair clips

Half Up Half Down for Wedding Guest Hair

For Wedding Guest hair, you can try a statement floral hair clip. With hair half up half down, the hair clip is beautifully showcased, and your hair style is simple and easy to achieve. A statement clip like this works well for thick hair. If you have fine hair, it can still work for you too, just use our styling trick - hairspray on the area, before you put the clip in place. (never spray your hair accessory directly as it will damage it).

half up half down hair wedding guest

Hair Claws are great for relaxed Half Up Half Down 

For a relaxed hairstyle on down days, try half up half down hair with a hair claw

This little hair clip adds colour, and gentle sparkle. Hair claws have a relaxed feel, and have a multitude of styling options that are fun and simple to achieve. 

half up half down hair boho

Half up Half Down hair is super cute with a bun! This silver hair claw adds a sparkling finishing touch to this every day style.

half up half down hair bun

Half Up Half Down Hair with a Twist

 Add a little twist to your every day half up half down hairstyle, to keep it fresh. This works well with hair claws and conventional hair barrettes. 

This blue claw is great for adding radiant colour and sparkle to a half up half down hairstyle. 

A classic hair clip, like this vintage-inspired purple clip, is lovely with a twist too. Twist away! 

half up half down hair barrette