Wedding Guest Hairstyles: 5 Easy Updo Ideas

Wedding Guest Hairstyles that will make you sparkle!

Wedding season is upon us and there are so many things for you to be thinking about to get ready for any weddings you may be attending! 

We know it's so important that you feel confident and like a Queen at all your fabulous events coming up this summer-Especially any weddings. 

We have come up with our top 5 Easy UpDo's for you to wear at any weddings you are attending! They are so easy to do but will make you feel like a Queen!


1) Twist at one side with Enamel Hair Clip

This is a super easy hairstyle to recreate but will still make you feel and look super glamorous!

Using Vintage Hair Clips for this hairstyle really gives you so much sparkle to your fabulous wedding guest outfit!

These are also perfect if you are a Queen with thick hair as they hold so much hair! but if you have fine hair you may find it easier to wear these when you have backcombed your hair for some extra grip!

All you have to do to create this hairstyle is gather a section of hair from one side and start twisting until behind your ear, Where you can use your fabulous vintage hair clip to secure it in place!

We have used our Blue Butterfly Enamel Clip which is the perfect pop of colour and sparkle to your hair!


2) Tousled top knot with a Chain Headband

Tousled UpDo hairstyles are perfect when you are in a rush as you don't have to spend long creating them and they always look fabulous! 

A fabulous hairstyle to finish your wedding guest look is this tousled top knot with a chain headband for some added shine. 

Chain headbands are the perfect accessory to add some shine to your effortless hairstyles because they take no time at all to style! 

All you have to do is gather your hair into a Bun at the top of your head, as it's a tousled look it doesn't have to be neat at all! You can then pull at it to create more volume and pin any places to get the exact shape you want!

The final step to add the sparkle to your hair is adding your chain headband! We have used our Chain Headband with pearls to some pearly shine to your look. 

Just like that your look is complete and you're ready to enjoy your night! 

3) Half up Half Down with Chain Headband 

Chain Headbands are the perfect way to add a subtle shine to your hairstyles and are so easy to pop on and be out the door!

They even give you time for a glass of bubbly!

A Half up Half Down hairstyle is a staple for so many of us so if this is your go to hairstyle we are going to show you how to make it fit for a Wedding Guest look!

Simply gather 2 sections from the front of your hair and pull them towards the back, Secure with a clear elastic for a seamless look.

Then pull your Chain Headband on, making sure all the sparkles are sitting at the front so everyone can see you shining! You can then pull at your hair a bit to add some extra volume and you're ready to go!

We have used our Daisy Chain Headband for this look to add the perfect amount of sparkle to elevate your look!

4) Crystal Leaf Clip at one side 

If you loved the last hairstyle but want to keep your hair nice and sleek then this is the perfect hairstyle for you!

Simply smooth all your hair down at the top, and use your fabulous vintage hair clip to secure it at one side! 

We have clipped ours at the front but you can always pull your hair back more and secure it to keep more hair out of your face! This is perfect if you are a Queen with super thick hair! 

We have used our Blue Crystal Leaf Clip for this hairstyle and it really allows the colour and sparkle to shine for itself! This is such an easy hairstyle that will instantly elevate your look!

5) Undone Bun with Vintage Hair Clip

A bun is such a classic UpDo Hairstyle for so many of us that we wear it all the time - But an Undone bun with a statement vintage hair clip can be such a glamorous look. Which is perfect for a wedding guest!

Simply all you have to do for this look is gather your hair into a high bun at the top of your head, to make it feel extra special pull at the bun to give it lots of volume and give it that effortless look. 

Then take your favourite hair clip whether it be Pearl or Vintage and slide it in at the front of the bun for some added glamour and Va-Va-Voom!

This hairstyle will definitely make you feel like a Queen with her Crown! 

Have fun creating your fabulous wedding guest hairstyles! You will definitely feel like a Queen while wearing them!

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With love, Maddie & Amanda XXX



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