Chain Headbands - 3 Easy Hair Styling Tips

Chain Headbands - 3 Ways To Wear 

At QueenMee, chain headbands are one of our best-selling accessories, loved by customers and the QueenMee team alike. They are an unusual hair accessory that adds a stylish touch to your hair.

Best of all, they are very easy to wear day-to-day, as they add just a glimpse of shimmer to your hair.

They are also wonderfully versatile, and can be worn in many different ways.

At our Pop Up Shops, we have found many customers are confused as to how to wear them. We are excited to show you, and hopefully open up a whole new way of styling your hair for you!

Here are our top 3 ways to style and wear our chain headbands.Vintage-Crystal-Gold-Elastic-Headband

1) Hair Down, Sleek and Pushed Back 

Probably the simplest way to wear a chain headband is with your hair down.

Pull the head chain fully over your head, and keep the elastic at the nape of your neck.

Bring the chain back up to push all your hair away from your face. Hey presto, you have a gorgeous, glimmering, and simple hairstyle which is practical too.

This is a personal favourite of mine, as it's so simple yet effective. 

To take this style to the next level, with whispers of screen sirens like Brigitte Bardot, add volume at the crown with back-combing, as we have here. 

To create this va-va voom look, we have used our Vintage Crystal Elastic Headband which comes in silver and gold.



 2) Half up Half down With Simple Chain Headband

Our second, easy hair style is created with our simple, luxe chain headband. This comes in both silver and gold depending on your preference.

A half up half down hairstyle is classic, and always in style.

Adding a chain headband to this well-loved style elevates the look, and makes it a little unusual. 

To achieve this style, place the chain headband over your hair, (keeping the elastic over your hair, and the back of your head). Then take strands from the front of your head, and twist around the elastic at the back. 

The elastic will be concealed, and you will have a gorgeous, half up hair style. 



3) An updo with vintage vibes

Our third and final styling tip can be used with all of our chain headbands.

We have a range of options to try, from our leaf chain headband to our daisy chain headband (a favourite of mine, as it's so delicate and pretty.)

This stunning Updo is a head-turner, and yet so easy to achieve!

Place the head chain on top of your hair, keeping the elastic over your hair, at the nape of your neck.

Start on one side, and take strands of your hair. Wrap them over the elastic, tucking in the ends of the hair as you go. 

Keep working until all of your hair is tucked into the elastic. 

Once all your hair is twisted into the elastic, make sure all loose strands are tucked in, and you are ready to go!

You don't need any hair pins or any other tools to achieve this style, it is so easy to create with just the headband. 

This is a great style for a party, but equally good for boho, beach hair. QueenMee Creator, Amanda, created a beach hairstyle in seconds for this photo. 


Amanda has also paired her Twisted updo with our Gold leaf earrings to add even more shine to her look.

We hope our top 3 ways to wear and style a chain headband inspire you.

We would love to see pictures of you wearing our chain headbands and how you style them so please do send them to us! Everyone in our small team loves to see how you wear your QueenMee. 

Either email them to us or tag us in them on Instagram @QueenMeeAccessories

With love



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