Party Hairstyles for New Year's Eve

My Party Hairstyles Top 5

Do you love getting dressed up for New Year as much as I do? I always find it very hard to choose what to wear (there are too many pieces in my wardrobe I love, that really want an outing!), but the process of choosing, and putting together an outfit, is one of my greatest pleasures.

For me, the outfit is not complete without a party hairstyle. I'm not particularly good at braiding, or styling my hair, and that is why I love Hair Accessories so much - you can pop on a headband, or put some hair slides behind your ear, and hey presto - you have a Party Hairstyle. 

So here are my Top 5 Tips for creating an easy, but eye-catching Party Hairstyle.

Thank you to all you lovely customers for sending me your party hair style photos. They are so inspiring. 

1) Wear your hair up with a Head Chain

party hairstyle hair up with head chain

Gorgeous customer Taryn created this fabulous style with our classic gold chain headband. She was putting together a 1920s inspired outfit, but I think this style works perfectly for a number of looks. It's very versatile. Thank you so much for sharing, Taryn! X

2) Wear a Sparkly Headband with your Hair Down

party hairstyles hair down headband

Lovely customer Alexandra has short fine hair, and this beaded headband suits her so much. This hair style is so easy, it works with any hair type, even if you have long hair, and / or thick hair too. 

It's my favourite when I am in a rush as it's so easy, your hair just needs a quick brush, pop the headband on and you've got yourself a head-turning party hairstyle!

Add a brooch as Alexandra has here for extra sparkle. Thank you so much for sharing this gorgeous photo Alexandra! X

3) Wear Some Hair Slides on one side

 party hairstyles star moon hair slides

This is my other favourite go-to hairstyle that I wear personally. I love to wear some hair slides on one side. This style feels more low-key than a headband, but it still feels like a gorgeous, sparkling party hair style.

Sonam has styled her moon and stars slides with pink for pretty and uplifting party style.

If you have fine hair like me, follow this simple trick to ensure your slides stay in place all night and don't slip out! 

4) Wear your Hair Half Up Half Down with a Statement Hair Clip

party hairstyle hair half up half down pearl hair clip

When Lauren sent me this Christmas photo, she wrote that she likes to wear her hair half up half down, and so this statement pearl hair clip works beautifully on her. 

It's a classic hairstyle, but it's made into a party hairstyle by the colour of the pearls, and the sparkling crystal. Don't the tones look beautiful against Lauren's hair colour too.

Thank you so much for sharing this Lauren, it's inspiring to see how a simple hairstyle can be transformed into a head-turning hairstyle. 

5) Wear Some Flamboyant Feathers

party hairstyles feather fascinator

Karen has added her Peacock Fascinator to an updo for a stunning party hairstyle. Karen created this look for a 1920s outfit, but it could work with any vintage-inspired party look. 

A flamboyant feather fascinator is always fun to wear. Many people associate fascinators with weddings or the races, but you can see from Karen's party hairstyle here how well they could also work with a beautiful evening dress.

Thank you so much for sharing Karen, what a gorgeous hairstyle. 

Well those are my Top 5 Tips - I hope you have a fabulous night on New Year's Eve, and dance the night away, with a party hairstyle to turn heads!

Do send me your party hairstyle photos!

Amanda X


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