Pink Headbands and Hair Clips - Everything is Rosy!

Be uplifted with these fabulous Pink Headbands and Hair Accessories 

Do you like to wear pink? Maybe you associate it with girliness, but pink is also a sign of Hope in colour psychology. It is a positive, comforting colour that reassures us that everything will be OK and rosy!

At QueenMee Accessories pink is a real favourite, because we love its playfulness too. We believe in celebrating your signature style, and also wearing what inspires you from day to day. If you're feeling carefree and in the mood for fun, then pink is the colour to enhance your mood. 

At our Pop Up Shops, we have found that so many customers look good in pink, and it always brings a smile to their face (and ours!) when they try on a Pink Accessory. 

It was great fun putting together our pick of Pink Hair Accessories for you below - which one is your favourite? Comment below! 

The Baby Pink Bow Headband

To kick things off, why not go all-out-girlie with a Pink Bow Headband?

Bows are always in style, and we are loving them this season - especially our Bow Headbands, which are very light and comfortable to wear. 

This style is a best-seller, and suits women with a wide range of hair types, from short hair, through fine hair, to thick hair too. 

Our Baby Pink bow headband is the perfect way to add a colourful twist to your look (and make a playful statement too!)


The Bright Pink Statement Headband 

Bright Pink is the perfect way to make a head-turning statement, so why not add a good dose of sparkle too? Padded headbands enhance the head-turning factor further. 

Our Pink Statement Jewelled Headband will have you stepping into your inner Queen in no time, and is fabulous for any special events you have coming up! 

What is more, this headband is a super-food mood-booster for your soul. Bright Pink is an uplifting colour, so if you need to add some fuel to your inner sparkle, pop your favourite pink headband on to lift your spirits.

There are some that keep Jewelled headbands for special events, but we say - a jewelled headband a day keeps the blues at bay!

The Pink Pearl Headband

You can never go wrong with pearly glamour when you want to feel fabulous - especially when it's pink too! 

We are all pearl-loving Queens here at QueenMee HQ - we adore the way pearls add a timeless and elevated touch to your look. 

Pearl Headbands are perfect for occasions where you want to feel like royalty, whether you are off to a special dinner, afternoon tea, or even just a beautiful picnic in the park. 

To make yourself feel even more glamorous, why not add a curl to your hair like we have in the photos above. 

The Pink Braided Headband 

Braided Headbands are perfect for everyday - Whether you want to elevate your look or just keep your hair in place, then these are just the ticket. 

Our Light Pink Braided headband is great for a daily dose of pink that will give you a mood-enhancing colour-boost. 

Simply pop your headband on and you're ready to go, It takes no styling at all to make you feel fabulous! This headband is also great for both fine hair and thick hair

The Pink Corsage Hair Clip

Flowers are the perfect, joyful accessory! Make a fun statement with our Pink Corsage Hair Clip for some floral finesse.

Pop this hair clip at the side of your hair to bring out your inner Flower Queen. This is such a fun Hair Accessory. If you love a retro touch then this is the perfect Vintage Hair Clip for you.

You can also wear this as a brooch so you can get creative with your styling! 

The Pink Crystal Claw Clip

Claw Clips are so easy to style, and are a staple hair accessory when you need your hair up in a hurry.

To uplift your spirits everyday and spread sparkle, our Pink Crystal Claw Clip is the magic touch you need!

We have styled this in a Half Up Half Down Hairstyle, which oozes laid-back chic, whilst having the practical benefit of keeping your hair off your face.  

Have fun styling your fabulous Pink Headbands and Hair Accessories; and make sure you send us pictures of your Everything is Rosy Styling!

Don't forget to tag us on Instagram @QueenMee_HairAccessories, or Tiktok @QueenMeeAccessories., or comment in the section below. 

We absolutely adore seeing your photos :)

With love, Maddie & Amanda XXX

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