Winter Headbands - How do you wear Yours?

Winter Headbands - What is your Headband Style?

Here at QueenMee Accessories, Celine and I are both sensitive to the cold, and like to stay as snuggly warm as possible. 

We also like to stay nice and sparkly, and so QueenMee winter headbands are a favourite in both of our wardrobes.

There are a few different ways to wear these ear warmer headbands, and I hope this post will encourage you to experiment, and find your own winter headband style.

When I sell my collection face-to-face at Henley Market, and meet lovely new customers, they sometimes aren't sure how to wear a winter headband. I always encourage them just to try one on and they are usually very pleasantly surprised!

1) Wear your Winter Headband with your Hair Up

winter headband hair up

The beauty of winter headbands (as opposed to hats), is that if you are a ponytail wearer, you can still rock your hair up and keep your ears warm. 

If you are doing sports such as skiing or running, then this is a great way to stay super warm, and practically stylish. 

winter headband hair up

If you like creating bun hairstyles, then you can see here how stunning a bun looks with a winter headband. 

It really is the way forward in having a good hair day and staying snuggly and warm. 

 2) Wear your Winter Headband with your Hair Down

 winter headband hair down

If you like to wear your hair down and free, or you are going for a more classic look for a special occasion, then winter headbands look very glamorous indeed worn with the hair down. 

QueenMee Assistant Celine looks gorgeous here, matching her knot winter headband in navy to her coat. 

Celine has gorgeous thick, wavy hair, and so the chunkiness of the knit on her winter headband sets off her thick hair beautifully.

If you have fine hair like me, winter headbands still look good with your hair down, but you might want to go for a slimmer style like this soft cotton ear warmer. 


3) Wear Your Winter Headband in a Stand-Out Colour

Here at QueenMee we do love sparkle, but we know that not everyone likes to wear sparkles every day! Sometimes what you need for dopamine dressing is a gorgeous shot of colour. 

Pink is a deliciously playful colour that is ever-popular with our customers. In colour psychology Pink symbolises Hope. It is seen as a positive colour, inspiring warm and comforting feelings.

Try this Pink Winter Headband for a nice dose of positivity on a grey winter's day.

4) Wear Your Winter Headband Adorned with Statement Jewels!

This Ear Warmer Headband with its large central jewel - oozes Vintage Chic. 

If you like to stay warm and also stand out from the crowd, go for a turban style winter headband.

Our turban headbands are inspired by Vintage Movie Star Joan Crawford. Turbans have graced the heads of Joan Collins, Grace Kelly and our favourite, Lady Gaga.

Stay warm and step into your inner Movie Star!


I hope one of these ideas inspires you. I would love to hear which is your favourite in the comments below! Amanda X






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    This is an amazing blog. Stylish a woolen headband is really a hard task to be done yet look stylish. All the tips given in this blog are very useful and easy to be implemented. Thanks for sharing such versatile styles that can be used to enhance the winter looks.

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